Life is Beautiful, yet it has Many Sorrows.

Life is a fabulous and wonderful journey, yet it has many worries. We should enjoy every moment in our lives.

There are several things that we can do in our life to appreciate and have fun in life. We can socialize with our friends and loved ones with technology. We can catch up with family and friends in malls in every part of the world. There are beaches and gardens which helps us to enjoy the great weather and spend good quality time. We can have fun in our lives if we take things in a positive gratitude.

On the other hand, life has several sorrows because not everything is permanent with happiness. We get tired in tackling with things that are out of our hands. Sometimes, there is a phase in our lives that doesn’t let us live the way we want. It has many sorrows that we can’t overcome our struggles. Life is the toughest battle that requires a lot of strength to fight out the worries in our lives. It takes ages to know how to finish our problems in life only God can conclude with right solutions to them.

Overall life is a lovely journey, despite it has many sorrows. I believe that we should have the courage to fight our own battles regardless of what the circumstances are in our lives. Be positive and learn to face the worst situations with a big smile on the face!

Image result for yin yang of happiness and sorrows

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