Belief or Imaginary?

How many of you believe in God? There is a way to build our belief just by keeping our hopes & spirits high up.

Belief is a strong faith and promise that is done to someone special and He has to fulfill no matter what happens in life. I strongly state if you love and trust someone just keep on holding your trust in him, I know this sounds much easier to say than done. Elders say like that don’t give up in life, but there is a certain point in life that we tend to melt down and just wish to die but that not how our life goes on. This word, BELIEF is so powerful that several people have faith in their lives that things will make sense at their own time, but how can we make our heart understand it is fine if we don’t get what we desire in life. What is your viewpoint on belief?

On the other hand, there is an imaginary world that the adults and children believe in. This world is like a fantasy where we tend to forget the real world. Children create an imagination when they think everything is fun and true, they are immature, and they dream that their goals can be achieve at any cost. Being a toddler is great because they don’t know understand the feelings of their loved ones! What is your opinion about this?

Overall, everyone has a different prospective in life. These 2 main things mean a lot to me in my life. I believe that there is not an imaginary world seriously, this is only for children. As adults, we should be firm on our beliefs.

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