Someone Loves You Truly and Wants to See You Happy!

There is someone special in everyone’s life that means a lot to us. Life is incomplete without that one person that loves you the most in the world. He should respect true feelings.

He should propose with a flower and a ring. This signifies real love between a father and a daughter. A father and a daughter share a great bond with each other. They discuss their problems and secrets with each other. Papa is the one of the closest persons in my heart that knows my every wish. Life becomes easy when a father becomes a true friend who understands me well and HE WILL DO WHAT A FATHER NEEDS FOR A DAUGHTER.

I ask everyone a simple question! Do all fathers love their daughters, or they are pretending to love and show gratitude?

What Do You Get When You Fall In Love? How Affection Can Change Your Life  For The Better | Betterhelp
Pure love is dying and singing

4 Replies to “Someone Loves You Truly and Wants to See You Happy!”

  1. For a father a daughter is always a princess , he can’t express his feelings but he will try to do the best for her, this love grows gradually . And then for infinite.

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