Jai Mata Di

Life is full of tests and puzzles that are hard to solve by yourself. Sometimes, it is hard to control our emotions because people around me don’t understand me at all. It is complicated to understand our lives because God as in Mata Rani because I am a Hindu doesn’t give me answers to my questions.

I ask people in this world that do they believe in God? It is so difficult to know that God exists in this globe.

In my experience, I went with my family to a temple called Vaishno Devi when I was a child, and it was a great and wonderful journey and I wish to go again soon.

There are several ways that we can achieve things in our life. One way to accomplish the dreams and goals is to believe and to not get frightened if something doesn’t get solve the way you want but don’t give up hope until it’s done.

Life is cheerful and enjoyable when we receive lots of happiness and unexpected guests!

3 Replies to “Jai Mata Di”

  1. Absolutely Richa, actually you questioned and even answered yourself.

    Being a Hindu actually affirms our geographical identity. The ones ones who live between the great River S(h)indu and (s)Hind mahanagar, and thus who ever living here belonged to the eternal faith.
    I feel you are on your journey to find answers, and it is one of the most beautiful ways to know one self or as we say god- and there are many ways to know the divine mother.

    If ever you feel that you are confused or looking for a way. Find my mail and write to me. I will be happy to be of any help.

    My wishes to you.
    Nara x

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