True Love🧡💚

True love is only in books and movies. We can’t find true love in real life, it is difficult. We should be genuine to ourselves. There are ways that we can experience heartbreaks in our hearts, but we should control our emotions and move ahead in life. There are some people who treat you like they mean you a lot but at the end they break your trust. They don’t deserve your love at all. They just want to play with our feelings and sentiments, and they are big liars because they want to get their jobs done. We are foolish that we get trapped in them.

On the other hand, they are some people in life who get true love without asking anything and they live their lives smoothly. People are lucky that they find true love once in their lifetime. They deserve all the love and faith that they need and want. These people should expect blessings and miracles.

Life should be fair to all people because everyone is equal and true love is so pure that it should be express to everyone. We can appreciate life when there is love everywhere around us and this makes our life complete and precious.

True love is in the heart, and no one should have any rights to break your heart because once the heart breaks, it pains a lot, and you will die automatically. Protect yourself from dying!

That's what's called "True Love " | Love quotes, Sweet love quotes, Quotes

3 Replies to “True Love🧡💚”

  1. Good morning. I hear what you say. Truth is a challenging concept to define. There are few universal truths, and love is one of them. Love is private, unique, and intrinsic to each individual. As much as it is the same for all, it is unique to each.
    Thank you truly for your support, and have a fun-filled week.

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