A Powerful Prayer

We should learn to pray with open heart and mind because it has pure intentions of fulfilling our needs and wants. Our life is based on believing in the truth that a prayer can do many miracles that are beyond our expectations. We should put on efforts in praying to God so that He has no choice to not to grant our desires. People who seek for God’s help are never left empty-handed at all. Our customs and beliefs play a great role in our lives.

My opinion about a prayer is that we should continue doing our part in a prayer and leave everything in God’s hands because He knows what is best for us. There are things which could take lots of time to get in our life but that doesn’t mean they won’t never become true. I am hoping that we should all trust ourselves that we could achieve anything in our lives if we put all our hard work in them to accomplish our goals. Life is too short for thinking negative thoughts and not believing in our prayers. We should wait eagerly and patiently that one day God will listen to all our prayers and bless us that can exceed our expectations.

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