Confidence & Faith

Confidence is the power of doing something that you can attain.

Confidence is vital for all of us so that we could accomplish our dreams and goals in our lives. It is a great element which helps us all achieve our targets and succeed in them also. Confidence is not something that can be built overnight, it takes a while. We should try to build our confidence as much as we can so that it will become easier for us to achieve everything we want!

Faith is believing in someone, and something completely where there are no doubts to question about.

When we talk about faith, we tend to think about many things that will make us feel worrisome at some point in our lives, but we should remember that faith makes all things possible. I was given a scenery from my friend Shahad Garashi as a birthday present, and in that it’s states the above sentence in bold. This line is important and has a deep meaning. Life is difficult at times, but we should be strong and keep our faith intact!

Confidence and faith WORK together and create wonders in our lives. We should believe that we can do everything in life if we have confidence and faith in ourselves.

Finding Confident Faith in the Midst of Fear and Frustration — Huntersville  ARP Church

12 Replies to “Confidence & Faith”

  1. Indeed, yes! This is an all together inspirational post. ❤️ Faith 💫 I love it!

    I am having trouble with the Block Editor and wish to use Classic Editor. But, WordPress appears to want me to utilize the Block. 😞

    The post I just wrote, “Unforgettable”, needs to be fixed. I had to put it back in Draft, but it will return, again, shortly. I’m sorry about this!

    Big hugs!

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