Laughter & Smile are Two Components which Helps Deal with Stress!

In this modern world there is lot of stress in our lives which does not allow us to live a happy and peaceful life. There are several people who are not pleased with their careers and personal lives as well. We should be content in what we have and enjoy although it is hard to attempt. Two components of dealing with stress are laughter and smile. These two things eventually help us get through stress that piles up in our mind and body.

We should learn to cope with stress by laughter because it benefits us. Laughter is like a positive spark that makes our minds positive and stress free too. There is a therapy called laughter therapy which many people perform in gardens while going for their morning walks. They feel relaxed and all their tensions fly away.  Laughter is the best medicine for everyone, and it makes life easy too.

There is another way to deal with our tensions and that is through smiling. Smiling is a tool that makes each problem handle safely. Sometimes, in life when all troubles seem worrisome and there is no other simple solution to it, the best thing we could do is smile and console ourselves that we can get through this! Positive thinking is important for us, and it is healthy as well. We can grasp our worries with a big smile on our faces!

I suggest that everyone should act wisely with stress in their lives. These two things are like pills that will give us energy to solve our troubles and live a better life!  Make a small change and see then what happens.

8 Replies to “Laughter & Smile are Two Components which Helps Deal with Stress!”

  1. How to I explain to may Dad? Since we know that Army Personnels are displine and strict, my Dad too. I don’t even remember when they simlie last time.

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