Miracles are Small Bundle of Unexpected Surprises!

Miracles are like small surprises that we all expect from our lives! Do you all believe in miracles? Sometimes, we all think that miracles do not exist in our lives because of the circumstances that we are facing day to day.  Life is full of ups and downs, and it is like a puzzle which cannot be solved easily. There are times in our lives when we feel hopeless and depressed, we cannot understand how we can cope up with our emotions and behavior too.

Several people believe that putting lots of efforts in something they admire will eventually lead to their goals and help them create miracles for their future. They want to achieve success and fame too. At times it is hard to believe for themselves that they can gain victory through their struggles also. People should be positive and learn to face challenges too. Through hard work, people can create a huge difference for them!

We often think that miracles are unexpected surprises that are given to us by chance but that is not right. We get what we do in life and please God then He showers miracles on us!

There are people who take things for granted and they depend on miracles to save them. This is wrong for them to do and think as well. Miracles are supposed to flow like running water in peoples’ lives due to their hard work. People should work to get awarded and they should be positive in life! Miracles work for them only if people are true and hardworking!

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