Occasions are special events that can be celebrated with our loved ones! Several people enjoy these events and gather around too. There are plentiful occasions in our lives that we can party such as for birthdays, formal dinners, graduations, and others too. We are lucky that we have these reasons in our lives to spread joy. These small moments bring happiness to us and will be a remembrance in our hearts always. Events can be huge or tiny, but the purpose should be to have fun and make us come closer to each other. Our lifestyle becomes exciting and lovely when we have these occasions in our lives! The energy in our lives gets charge up when we get to attend them. We get to laugh and smile with our precious friends and forget our worries for some time! It is like a reunion where people get to meet each who have not met for ages.

Today, time is different because of COVID-19 we cannot see other and have any occasions too. We have reached a stage where we are harmful for each other and cannot guarantee anything that we will not be affected. These times are unpredictable, and life is too confusing too. We hope and pray that this gets over soon! Times will change and we will be able to have special events again too!

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