Impact of Technology on all Ages Significantly!

These modern days, everyone is using technology including adults and children from all ages. People have glued to their electrical devices no matter whether it is a mobile or an iPad like anything. They forget that they have a world outside technology as well.

There are several advantages of using technology but there is a limit to everything. Technology helps us in many ways such as connecting with people, doing our work such as with school or office as well. On the other hand, it has countless negative effects on all generations marvelously which can lead to problems in upcoming future. Here are two most negative effects that have an impact on all ages!

Our eyes get strained

All adults and children spend excessive amounts of time on computers, iPad, and mobile phones which gets their eyesight weak. It is harmful for everyone because it effects gradually and then it has a huge impact on them in upcoming years.

Headaches occurs

Often youngsters, teenagers, and senior citizens get involve in plentiful electrical activities that they get headaches. These activities include from playing games on computers, & mobile phones, hours of watching a movie online, and being on mobile phones in dim light rooms.

My advice for everyone

I would recommend all my dear friends that please try to reduce using technology and get involve with life more. Spend more time with your loved ones and in this way, you all could live a healthier life!

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