Our Creator & Everything! πŸ•‰β˜¦οΈβ˜ͺ️✝️

What is the definition of God? God cannot be seen but He stays in our hearts always. Everyone knows that God is one but the directions for praying to Him are several. People belong to different religions, and they have different types of Gods that they want to believe in. God is the messenger in this world, and He knows what is best for us. He wrote our destinies beforehand.

I think and believe that God is one and we should respect and love Him because He created us, and He showed us where we belong on this planet. When we are happy, and we have all that we need, we tend to forget God and we do not thank Him at all. When all the problems knock at our doors, we run to Gods’ temples to pray for making all the troubles vanish away from our lives. This to me is unacceptable because we should remember Him always no matter in joy times or sorrow times. We get our lives according to our karmas that we have performed in our last birth. No matter what we do in this birth we cannot make up for our last birth deeds. So, it is said that we all should do great things in lives to get a good life in our next birth. We should thank and say divine words to God so that we can make our lives happier and let all the positivity enter our lives. From my point of view, it is important to help the poor and sick people because God wants us to treat everyone equally.

There are many selfish people who pray to God only for themselves. These people want specific things from God that is the reason why they pray and remember Him always. People of this kind are plenty in the world today. We should encourage this kind of people to think about others as well; so that God will be happy for them and bless them as well. These people show to God that they are the only ones who are important to Him. God loves and cares for everyone in the same way and does not differentiate among people.

Overall, I like to conclude with that God is one but there are many different paths that we follow for praying to God. We should never forget God no matter how situations are. We should help the poor and sick people so that God can be happy for us and bless us too. We should not think about only for ourselves but for others as well. Whatever you do to others, will come back to you eventually. Be grateful to God that He has given you this life. Never complain to Him, if you do then think once about other people who cannot afford to do things like you can do. Have faith with patience and believe in God and you will be able to accomplish your goals and dreams one day!

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